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A Quick Note and What’s Going On

I just checked here and apparently I was hacked. The last post that was so excited about my earning money? That was NOT me. I’m sorry about that. I’ve deleted it and hopefully it won’t happen again.

As for what’s been going on, my mom is in the ICU with pneumonia, sepsis and other assorted things. I’ve been down at the hospital for the past two days, but am home today doing laundry and am about to do the grocery shopping and getting other errands accomplished. Tomorrow it’s back to the hospital. This kind of reminds me when the kids were in the NICU. I had to be there, had to be mom, but I also had a house to run, bills to pay and things to get done. Working those two things out in a guilt-free way was very difficult. As is this time around.

If you are a praying type person, please pray for my mother’s health and our family as a whole.


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