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Entering the Mid-40’s

Tomorrow I turn 44.

44 is not the “early 40’s” anymore. It’s definitely in the range of the mid-40’s. You know what? I don’t mind.

I’ve said before that I’m loving the 40’s. They are, at least for me, settled. Comfortable. Not that I don’t have things to figure out, because for darn sure I still do, but the emotional upheaval of the teens and 20’s is done. The young-children parenting of the 30’s is done.

Now is the intensive making-sure-they-get-it-right-before-we-turn-them-loose stage. Yes, it’s hard. Sometimes very hard. Having to explain our Christian worldview amidst a world that is becoming more and more hostile to that viewpoint is challenging. Imparting values, but also respect for different values, is challenging. Walking the line of letting them make their own decisions and facing the consequences, but also still providing support and a soft place to land is challenging.

And you know what else? I’m better at it at 44 than I would have been at 24 or even 34. We started having children fairly late, but ended fairly “normal” because we had so many so quickly. Those extra years have imparted a lot of life experience and wisdom that I certainly lacked before.

So come on 44. Let’s see what you hold for me!


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