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It’s Tuesday and It’s Anti-Climatic

Well, that was a big nothing for us in Southeastern PA. It was a lot of wind and a lot of rain. That’s it. There’s one tree down in the neighborhood that I know of. We never lost power, we never needed the generator, we hung out all day watching the news and doing a whole lot of nothing else. The kids are off school again today.

Now, I will conceded that our house is on high ground. There is a creek/stream/flowing body of water right next to our neighborhood that floods very easily and makes travel into and out of our neighborhood nigh on impossible. And I’m sure that we aren’t the only one with that problem. I don’t know what tomorrow will look like for schools–I might guess, though, that Philadelphia will be closed (Ethan home), but that the local kids will go back. We’ll see.

Either way, we’re breathing a sigh of relief and going to get on with life.

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