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It’s Monday and It’s Sandy

Hurricane Sandy, that is. We’re in southeast Pennsylvania, which is pretty much directly in the path of the storm. The schools are closed for two days (got the call last night before bed, for which I was tres, tres thankful!) We slept in until 7:00, an unheard of luxury on a weekday morning (normal rising time for me is 5:24!). Right now, at 11:18am, it’s just raining. We haven’t hit the wind or torrential, horizontal downpour yet. But we’re expecting both.

This year, for the first time, we have a generator. We bought it off friends who wanted a bigger one. If all it is able to do is give us our fridge and our water pump I’ll be happy. We have a well, so if we don’t have power we don’t have water. Which, with 6 people, is rather difficult. Thankfully we have a gas stove, so cooking will not be a problem regardless.

For all my readers in the storm’s path (and I know there is at least one!), please be careful. Stay safe and dry, spend time with your family, and let me know how you’re doing when we are on the other side of this!


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