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Dinner Blow Up

So one of the children tonight complained about the choice of hot dog roll I purchased. I got angry and sent them to their room until they could be thankful and not complain. Jim asked what they could have done differently so that I didn’t get angry.

After the child came back, I explained that when they complained what I heard was:

1. I should read their mind and know that they don’t like these rolls.

2. My attempt at being frugal (but not cheap) was rebuffed.

3. The child didn’t care how much other rolls cost, I should purchase them regardless.

Jim said that the child was just expressing that the roll fell apart and they didn’t like that.

I then said that the overarching reason I got angry is because I am a failure. My children won’t eat. There is no meal–NONE–that all four children eat and like and don’t complain about. Other parents can get their children to eat. I cannot. Therefore I am a failure at parenting.

And yes, I said this in front of them. They need to hear that I feel this way about their eating.


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