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The Transformation Continues

No, this is not a deep, spiritual post, although that would be a great title for one, wouldn’t it?!

Where things stand in the Great Move Around Rooms project:

Four black desks bought, built and in the room-that-we-now-call The Schoolroom.

Four matching black chairs bought off Craigslist for $5 each. Score!

Basement play area cleaned up, organized and a BUNCH of toys gone via Freecycle.

Basement electric outlets and co-ax installed by Jim, my handy husband.

Basement phone line installed

Old alarm panel from when house was built in 1984 uninstalled. Wires are still there in case someone wants to use it.

I learned what POTS stands for (plain old telephone system wire). Silly!

Next up: Drywall in the basement, paint on them and Dry-Lock on the cement walls. At some point before we bought the house, the owner painted the basement walls a yucky yellow and the stairwell sides a really ugly blue. We’re going for neutral.

Nope, still no pictures!


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