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Room Changes

Before the multitudes of children were born, we had five rooms downstairs: kitchen, dining room, living room, family room and den/office. The moment we brought those children home, the “family room” immediately changed to a “play room”, first gated off on both doorways and now open. Funny thing, though, those little children aren’t so little anymore. Yes, a playroom with a TV, a laptop for games and a mini-trampoline is very nice and useful, but a SCHOOLROOM with four desks and three laptops and a Perkins Brailler would be much more useful. (They currently do their homework at the kitchen table.)

Enter our fall room changing plans. We found this desk, which we think we could probably fit  four of into the playroom/schoolroom. The TV will move into the current office. My desk will, most likely, move out into the school room. The toys and trampoline will move down into the basement, where we’ll set up another TV.

Yes, with everyone entering adolescence I’m more than a little leery of a TV in the basement. We’ll just have to set up strict “no opposite sex in the basement” rules. They can watch TV in the now-office, soon-to-be-den.

While I’m the first to admit I hate change, this particular one is a little overdue and therefore very welcome. I promise to take Before, During and After pictures when the time comes!


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