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I thought I would drop in and say hi to whomever might actually still be reading here.

Summer vacation is good. Quiet summer vacation, where we don’t do much of anything, is even better.

Ethan has his annual ESY (extended school year) “Summer Camp” at Overbrook for 6 weeks Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. The other kids have library, playing with friends, swimming in the redneck pool when the ring stays inflated, doing Science in the Summer this week and generally hanging out. It’s been–MOSTLY–good.

There’s still the whole parenting and refereeing and staying on top of their attitudes thing. That doesn’t take a vacation, unfortunately!

Ethan had his first playdate over our house on Saturday. It went well and they were very cute. So often he gets left behind in the dust of the other kids–older emotionally and socially as well as sighted. He got to have Devon all to himself and enjoyed one-on-one time with someone who truly is his peer. And her mother and I got to visit, which is also such a blessing.

We head to Rehoboth Beach later this month. Jim will be there for just the weekend while I stay for the rest of the week and do the solo parenting thing. Challenging!

I’ve actually been working some with a mom of nine. LOTS of work, of course, but oh so fun and rewarding! Although I normally take the summer off because I have to watch the kids, Jim’s been around a lot more so that frees me up.

I just want to take this moment to express my utter disgust at WalMart, who has already put out their school supplies. It’s JULY 9th, WalMart! We’re not thinking about school!

Anyway, I hope you are all enjoying your summer. 7 weeks until school, so soak up the sun and relax a bit!


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