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The Light is Bright

when you are on the other side of the tunnel, that is.

After 9 weeks I’m back to being a stay at home mom. Here’s what I learned from the experience:

1. I am not wired to work outside the house all day and then come home and manage to keep up with everything that needs to be done. Laundry, cooking and the occasional clearing-off-the-counters happened. Oh, and I cleaned the toilets once or twice.

2. If I am cheery at work with nice adults, I have a much more difficult time being cheery at home with children who are not so nice. It’s like I have only a certain amount of cheeriness and then it gets used up. And since I’m not going to be grouchy around adults, my family will bear the brunt of it. I didn’t know this about myself.

3. Seeing the house pile up and not having the energy to deal with it made me rather excited about the idea of being finally home to deal with it.

4. I made a better wife than Jim does. Go figure!

5. I look forward, after the children are grown, to rejoining the workforce. I actually like working in an office. I enjoy being administrative help, although I certainly like professional organizing’s pay better! I got many kudos and thank you’s from the people I worked with/for, which was really, pretty darn nice. Families don’t, normally, do that. Jim calls them “attaboys”. They make life a little nicer!

So, all that said, I’m very glad to be at home again. I have a HUGE paperwork pile to tackle, which includes some very important, time-sensitive insurance re-enrollment stuff. I’m happy to finally have the time and energy to do this.

Oh, and one more thing–5 WEEKS UNTIL DISNEY WORLD!!

2 thoughts on “The Light is Bright

  1. ok, now you have to help me count down!! 17 days…
    glad you get to catch up on life a little.
    haven’t forgotten about getting May schedule to you. still waiting on my end…sorry!

  2. What great observations. I am #2 also. LOL. I am looking forward to being home with one little girl all day. She is three and a half. I will have her two older siblings for morning care (2 hours) also. I didn’t blog that because I am not sharing that info with everyone.

    I saw “Mom” at the grocery store and looked the other way because I didn’t feel like small talking. She approached me and asked about the day care. Before I knew it, the conversation turned completely to me watching V all day. After really talking it out for two hours with her, I came home and had to pray about it. I was not sleeping. My back was completely stressed and still is. But finally the Holy Spirit smacked me up side the head and said “this is what you prayed for!”

    Anyway…there’s your answer. Mom and Dad are teachers so I will have the summer off too (which I have been doing for the last couple of years.)

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