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That’s how far I am through my temp job. I enjoy the actual working–interacting with adults, doing adult work etc. But the SAHM part of me really misses how the house used to look and having guilt-free free time. If I’m not doing laundry or something else productive, I’m feeling guilty. I think I need a wife. That would help. I have only three weeks left and am very happy the light is visible at the end of the tunnel and I’ll soon be able to grocery shop on Mondays again. Because Sunday night grocery shopping stinks.

See you all soon!


One thought on “Two-Thirds

  1. Hooray and then you will be able to blog more too. I like your comment about needing a wife. My friend has returned to the working world after ten years of being home. Her husband is picking up the slack. I told him today that the only thing he hasn’t done so far is give birth. Ha, however he looks like he has most afternoons.

    I will count down with you. What is the last official day?

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