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Bear With Me

So I’ve been working for a week. I mean, working for PAY. In an OFFICE. NOT ORGANIZING.

Rewind life 11 years ago, pre-children, and life was somewhat similar. Except now I have four children who wear a heck of a lot of laundry and a husband who works sometimes-utterly-insane-amounts of hours and can’t pitch in with the house stuff a whole lot. Or at all. Which explains why not only is my dishwasher full of dirty dishes, but so is my sink.  There are no clean spoons. Or mugs. Or, apparently, socks or my elder daughter, because laundry has also fallen by the wayside.

How do you working moms DO IT??

I leave the house the instant my kids leave for the bus stop (8:45) and come home at 3:20, in time for Ethan’s bus. All that stuff that used to get done in the intervening hours now has to happen before bedtime. And it’s just not. We still have elder/deacon meetings, karate, variety show practice, good news club, science fairs….and all of THAT has to happen before bedtime as well!

Again, how do you working moms DO IT?? Do you just give up getting enough sleep? Because I’ve done that when the kids were little and managed to survive it, but I did not have to interact in a coherent manner on the phone in a professional atmosphere.

So, all that said, this blog is definitely going to be taking a backseat. The instant I press “publish” I’m going to finish filling that dishwasher and clear off the kitchen counter. I hope. Then pick up the kids and make sure they do their homework. And then do laundry so I have something to wear to work tomorrow. Then fix dinner. And put the kids to bed.  And then hopefully see my husband (who worked 73 hours last week–13 of those on Sunday alone!)

I’ll miss you. And I hope that you’ll be with me when April rolls around and my temp job ends.


2 thoughts on “Bear With Me

  1. What would the Fly Lady tell you to do? Before you go to bed, run the dishwasher. In the morning, unload. Saturdays are made for cleaning. I am up between 5 and 5:30. I leave at 7:20 with the children and I am home by 3:10…pretty close to your schedule. Use your free time (and it might just be 15 minutes) to meal plan. You are the Queen, remember.
    The children have seven outfits (more!), so laundry can wait until the weekend. It’s a lot of discipline and praying. God will deliver you from the “messy” house. It’s ok that their rooms look like a bomb went off. I am not cleaning upstairs today. I cleaned the living room, my bedroom and the downstairs bathroom. The kitchen is good because we didn’t eat here last night. LOL.

    Pray, Sister. Lots of prayer. I too will pray for you. (Matthew 11:28-30).

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