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I have been OUT.OF.IT. Sunday evening I came home from Jim’s mom’s house feeling completely fine. Sometime in the night I woke up with a sore throat. When I got up on Monday it was on fire. Made it to Laura’s alleged bone scan at the local hospital, where I was informed that their machine was not detailed enough for a 3D scan on a pediatric case. Oookay, thanks. Went home. Went grocery shopping, where I had to stop here and there to catch my breath. By the time I got home, whatever it was that I had had hit full force. Slept horrendously that night. Yesterday I spend the ENTIRE day on the couch, getting up to make tea and go to the bathroom. That’s it. Slept fabulously. Woke this morning, hoping to feel well enough to go to DuPont  for Laura’s new and improved bone scan. Nope. Still rotten. Call and reschedule for Friday. Lay on the couch some more. I’m having a few bursts of energy here and there (like now), but nothing I can count on. I HAVE to do some laundry (on my last decent pair of underwear!) and make fudge for gifts for tomorrow. I WILL do both these things in the next 7.5 hours. In between resting on the couch.

I have kissed the idea of Christmas cards and a family portrait good-bye. Neither one is going to happen before Christmas. Priorities!

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