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Which of You by Worrying Can Add a Single Hour to Your Life?

So. Laura’s MRI went off without a hitch. She did fabulously well–laying still for about an hour. Then we met with the surgeon, who again examined her, only more thoroughly this time. Then he asked about her activities.

??? I thought. School, piano lessons, DS, TV, playing like a regular kid.

Because, apparently, her pain follows the bone line between her legs (the ischium) and is common with horseback riding, or pro bicycle riding. Obviously things Laura does not do.

He wants us to see a rheumatologist, which we are doing tomorrow at DuPont in Delaware. I just couldn’t do that drive to CHOP one more time. This past visit it took us 1 hr 45 mins to get there. DuPont about an hour away.

He said in two of the last six cases of this kind of pain it was autoimmune. I didn’t know what that meant, but have since learned he meant arthritis. She’s also experiencing pain in both her feet, so that lends itself to the diagnosis as well. I haven’t been this nervous about a doctor appointment in YEARS–since they were little, little ones and all their medical problems were at their height. We’ve had such smooth sailing for so many years that I’m out of practice with this.

If you are a pray-er, please pray for Laura.


One thought on “Which of You by Worrying Can Add a Single Hour to Your Life?

  1. Re: this pain. I’ve had some the last few years and started taking a natural supplement called Curamin. Google it. It works. A non dangerous substance called curchumin. I told a friend with arthritis about it. Her husband is a doctor and she was about to go on cortisone, never a good idea. She tried Curamin and now sings its praises. Costs around $36 a month. Worth every cent.
    I try not to stick my neck out and tell people stuff but reading your blog this early a.m. prompted me, a nudge from the Holy Spirit. It might help your girl. It’s worth a shot. One thing I do know. Docs are very limited and Rx can be very bad.
    Best regards….Sarah’s buttinski mom.

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