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7 Quick Takes Friday

1. 4 1/2 weeks until Christmas. I’ve started shopping, I admit it. Just a few things, but it feels good to be at least started.

2. I hosted Thanksgiving yesterday. Even though I bought the darn thing last Friday, our 21 lb turkey was still not thoroughly thawed when I started cooking it and therefore was not quite finished (ok, 45 mins to an hour late!) when we tried to carve it. Sigh. Thank goodness for my BIL, who took over and dealt with the re-roasting and carving and all those wonderful things. I love my BIL!

3. Pursuant to #1, we succumbed to the Wii. WalMart was having a very good sale and we finally agreed that we would spend some of that holiday money on it. Five of us will forgo some of our regular present money for the privilege, Ethan being the loan hold out. Wii’s tend to be someone visual in nature, so I’m thinking he won’t be playing with it much! 😀

4. One of the things I love about the Thanksgiving holiday is Friday. It feels like Saturday right now, but it’s NOT! We get an extra day to sleep in and relax!

5. Laura has been having some physical problems of late. We saw the pediatrician. Twice. She referred us to Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. Although I’ve been to their satellite office, I’ve never driven into the city. YIKES. I got lost (thank goodness for Jim’s TomTom!), but we finally got there and met the surgeon, Dr. No-Bedside-Manner. He didn’t say hello and certainly didn’t apologize for being an HOUR late to our appointment. He thought her problem was on the surface and prescribed some cream. I thought he was wrong, but was willing to go along with it. 1 1/2 weeks later, no improvement. So now we will be scheduling an MRI, which is very scary for Laura. She even started to lie about feeling better because she was so scared about it. I called her on it and she confessed. I’m very glad I know my kids very well! I’m currently waiting on a call back from the scheduling nurse. I’m hoping the MRI helps diagnose what in the world is going on!

6. My kids are addicted to the DS game Mario Kart. They go “head to head” between themselves and with friends. I’ve never seen a more popular game in this house. If you are looking for suggestions for DS, I highly recommend it.

7. Instead of fighting the incredibly early Christmas music (at the store and on the radio), I have embraced it this year and have actually enjoyed it! Jim and I are both already ready to decorate and get into the holiday spirit. I should have done this years ago!


One thought on “7 Quick Takes Friday

  1. talk to the radiology people — they might be able to give her something to knock her out or at least calm her nerves about the mri. they’re used to kids so this shouldn’t be too much of an issue.

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