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7 Quick Takes Friday

1. Well Hello everyone! I know it’s been awhile since I last posted, and I’m real sorry about that. It’s balancing wanting to post with having not a whole lot to say and not wanting to bore you, my faithful readers!

2. Just a little over 7 weeks until Christmas. This makes me feel somewhat twitchy, as I haven’t started Christmas shopping yet. By now I usually have some idea of what I’m going to buy and I haven’t even started that process yet. We have a large family and a LOT of people on our list, so it’s a fairly involved process. We’re talking about getting the kids (ok, and us too!) a Wii. That would, however, greatly reduce the amount of presents under the tree, because a Wii ain’t cheap. Thoughts?

3. Speaking of Christmas, the youngest child is still holding FIRMLY to the idea of Santa. We never–literally never–encouraged this, but the schools did. They even sent home “reindeer food” for heaven’s sake! She’ll be nine in March, so I’m of the opinion that this has GOT TO STOP. But even when she asked last year if he existed and I told her the truth, she refused to believe me. What does one do with that?

4. Our women’s bible study at church is studying the book of Colossians. I’m thoroughly enjoying it, as our pastor’s wife, Summer, graduated from Dallas Theological Seminary and actually WROTE the study. The book is very challenging to understand and I’m really loving digging into it.

5. Daylight Savings ends on Sunday. Thusly, it will be easier to get my children up in the morning. I really wish we would just do away with the whole practice. I think it made sense when we were an agrarian, candle-lit society. Not now. However, I don’t think the United States Government really cares what I think.

6. Ironic moment: YEARS ago, my left next-door neighbor’s daughter told me that my right next-door neighbor’s daughter was talking about being a lesbian. I called my right next-door neighbor’s ex-wife (long story), who was a Christian and I thought deserved to know what she was saying. She was happy I called, because she wanted to know, and talked about how her daughter was most likely going through a teenage stage. Fast forward to today, when that woman posted on Facebook that she was attending her daughter’s wedding to her girlfriend. Hmmmm.

7. This week may or may not include my first time on jury duty. I’ve been “called” for November 9 and 10, but I have to call the night before both days to see if they need me. I cannot serve on a long-term trial because of not having anyone to take care of the kids, but I could do a day or two. In a moment of “Really?”, it appears my father has also been called for the same two days.

8. We survived the crazy snowstorm last weekend. I ended up not getting together with a group of our friends, but almost had an accident in the morning and was feeling nervous about it. All in all, we got about 4 inches or so. In October. With green grass and leaves still on the trees. It was very, very weird.

Happy Friday everyone!

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