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A few posts ago I talked about the kids all leaving the nest at the same time. It’s been on my mind of late and I wanted to post some more.

10 years ago we had three children living at the Christiana Hospital’s NICU. One was in heaven and one wasn’t even a gleam in her daddy’s eye yet.

10 years from now, Lord Willing, the last one will be a Freshman in college, following in her big brothers’ and sister’s footsteps.

10 years ago I was just trying to figure out what motherhood was all about and was terrified about the idea of bringing them home and being responsible for their daily well-being.

10 years from now I will be trying to figure out what my life will be like when I am not defined by the term “mother”. That job will be mostly done. I’m sure they’ll visit. One or two may even live at home and commute to college. But the active parenting–the daily instruction and teaching and bringing up into adulthood–that will be largely over and they will be making their own choices (and living with the consequences!).

10 years ago Jim and I were only married six years and were feeling our way into Mommy and Daddy instead of just husband and wife.

10 years from now we’ll be rediscovering each other, I think, and figuring out what the rest of our lives will look like.

10 years ago I retired from full time work to be a full time stay at home mother.

10 years from now I expect to fully return to the workforce. In what capacity, I don’t know. I’ll be in my early to mid 50’s. The physical nature of being a professional organizer is not something I see being able to do for the rest of my life, although I enjoy it thoroughly. I think I might want to be a secretary/administrative assistant again. I enjoyed doing it when I worked. I think I might enjoy it again. I’m glad I have time to think about it!

10 years ago I was learning to open up and let my children into my heart and life.

10 years from now I will be learning to let go.

It’s an interesting view from the midpoint!


3 thoughts on “Midpoint

    1. Theresa, while my older ones will be heading to college in 8 years, my youngest is 8 1/2 and in 3rd grade, hence the 10 years from now when she will be a freshman in college.

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