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Speech Impediment

Backstory Part 1. Ethan has difficulty with saying TH (he says f) and L (he says w). He practices a lot and sometimes gets them right and sometimes gets them wrong.

Backstory Part 2. I told him about Elmer Fudd and his difficulty saying R’s (wascally wabbit!). On Saturday he said “someone should work with him to fix that.” (like a speech therapist). So cute!

So this morning we were sitting at breakfast and I was hurrying him because we were fairly late and the bus was coming soon. I said “We’ll have to be like Speedy Gonzales!” and then I explained who he was and that he was always running away from Sylvester, who said things like “Sufferin’ Succotash!”, except he has a lisp and says “Thufferin Thuccotash!” instead. Ethan thought that was pretty funny and repeated it.

Remember the backstory part 1? Instead of Th we get F? You say it out loud and see what YOU get!


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