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7 Quick Takes Friday


1. I tried to HTML thingy and it did NOT work for me. It just stayed in the HTML version; it didn’t become a pretty form or anything. Oh well! I guess I’m stuck with my old regular way!

2. Good intentions….road to hell paved with. It’s 3:06 in the afternoon and I have not gotten to the gym. I have, however, practiced lifting tubs of winter clothes from and then summer clothes to the closet, and then lifting mattresses with new sheets and blankets on them. So I worked out my biceps, right?

I did want to go on record as saying that when I weighed myself this morning, instead of 165 I saw 163.8. I’m not excited, because that falls within the normal parameters of my up and down weight. My body is very comfortable with between 163 and 165. Once I hit, say, 159, THEN I’ll start to get a little excited.

3. There is much commotion in our neighborhood right now. Yesterday, today and Monday they are dredging one of the roads and repaving it. It’s somewhat amusing to watch the school buses try to navigate around all the construction vehicles. I’m somewhat waiting for a collision–is that wrong?

4. I’m going on record as saying I HATE THE NEW FACEBOOK. I’ve given it more than a week. I’ve changed settings. I’ve subscribed and unsubscribed and jumped through hoops. I’ve listened to earnest friends try to convince me that it’s just so much better and I should really love it. And I still hate it. Stupid Mark Zuckerberg.

5. T minus one week and counting!! I’m so excited about our weekend away! And so very, very thankful that Jim’s mom is available to watch the kids. No way could we afford a babysitter for two full days! is predicting cool but sunny for the whole time, so it’s looking to be a good weekend! I’ll definitely give details once we’re back.

6. Jim’s been working at the office this week. Consequently, I got a lot done. I don’t know what it is about him working from home…it’s not even like his office is in the house! He has a little one set up in the garage! But for some reason, he stays home and my brain says LET’S DO NOTHING! I’m sure he’s not impressed!

7. I’m making my first “Fallish” meal this weekend: Beef Stew in the Crockpot. Mmmmmm! I love fall cooking so much more than any other season. Are you making anything special this week?


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