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First Day at Snap Fitness

I’m currently on rubber band legs. At least, though, I’m not feeling woowoo anymore.


First day there! I had fun. I worked hard for my first day on a treadmill in about 13 years (or so). I walked for 20 minutes (plus about a minute of cool down), equaling 1.12 miles. Then I sat on one of those gimundo balls and stretched back (owner showed me how) and stretched my thighs and calves. It felt GOOD.

Then I headed over to the ab coaster. No, that is not me in the picture. I am a girl. However, I would like those muscles someday!

It felt a little too easy until the trainer showed me how to do it. Then my face started pouring sweat. I did about 5 or so on it. Then he had me try out their pullup assist machine. (WordPress is currently freaking out, so I can’t post a picture of it. But here’s the link:

Trust me when I tell you I would be completely unable to pull up 165 lbs. No WAY. But their machine is clever. It TAKES AWAY WEIGHT, so you only pull up what you can handle. I first tried 60 lbs off. Too hard. Then he did 100 lbs. Too easy. I did four pullups on 70 lbs and was REALLY puffing. (meaning, I pulled up 95 lbs)

All in all, a terrific first day. I’m definitely going back tomorrow.

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