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I Think I Hit Middle Age

Yesterday our church had an “old fashioned Sunday School picnic”. Food, sack races, tug’o’war, peanut something or other (search? find?), pin the shoe on Pastor Nate (his picture, actually)…a good time was had by all. Jim and I led worship and got all our equipment set up and taken down.

We came home and took naps. Seriously. We walked in the door, I made sure the perishable stuff was dealt  with, I used the bathroom and wham–I fell asleep on the couch. And still slept fine last night.

The average female lifespan in America is (according to google) 78.7. At almost 43, I’m definitely past the half-way mark if one is being specific. (although I can definitely handle 86 if I’m healthy and of sound mind and still have Jim). So middle age, yeah. I think I’m there.


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