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7 Quick Takes Friday

1. Wow. THAT week flew by! Did everyone notice more posts from me, didja, huh, didja? I am trying to do what I said I’d do!!

2. We went to bed in summer and woke up firmly in fall. I LOVE IT. It was 40 when I got up. It’s supposed to go up to 65 today. This summer wasn’t HORRIBLE, but Fall is just way better. Plus, we only had ONE DAY of rain this week. That, after all we’ve had, is a miracle!

3. One of my favorite authors, Gayle Roper, just put out a new book. I LOVE when that happens! Shadows on the Sand is a good read, well written and worth it. If you are broke, just head to your local library!

4. T minus 3 weeks and counting for our anniversary getaway. I can’t tell you how excited I am about this. This is what we’ll be doing on Saturday. Doesn’t it look FUN?! Yeah, I know, I need to get out more.

5. I had the honor and privilege of delivering food to a family that had none this week. N. O. N. E. The father of five opened his fridge and showed me two shelf-stable cartons of milk. That was it. Our organization, the Parkesburg Churches Community Outreach, is getting more and more requests. The economy is really hitting so many people hard! Having been close to that this year, I’m very grateful for Jim’s job!

6. I just started reading a new book, The PCOS Diet Plan. I’ve known I had PCOS for more than 11 years now. When I was diagnosed with prediabetes, I made some immediate changes in my diet to started medication to treat it and am now no longer considered prediabetic. However, part of PCOS is having insulin resistance. And a lot of those changes I made those many years ago have ceased. I’ve already said I need to lose weight. I also need to take better care of myself, nutritionally. I’m hoping this book is a good place to start.

7. I’m going in, folks. Today is the day that I delve into the bins of children’s clothes and figure out what they have and what they need. This is, hands down, one of my least favorite things to do. If you don’t hear from me by tomorrow, send in a search part!

8. Oh, and I’m adding this quick “awkward parent conversation” as an extra. Backstory: Laura was too vigorous with the soap between her legs and ended up with some major irritation in her urethra. Water, Tylenol, bath with baking soda…all fine. While I was trying to describe where her urethra was, she asks “what’s the thing in the middle?”

I’m really hoping it’s just her vagina, but I asked “you mean the thing that sticks out?”

“Yes.” oh joy. Boys are so much easier!

“That’s your clitoris”

“What’s it do?”

Jim’s in the living room (we’re in the kitchen) and starts laughing. The jerk.

“Um….it’s for when you’re married. It’s for sex.”

“Oh.” Thank goodness no more questions!


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