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7 Quick Takes Friday

1. If I could, I would send the rain we are getting to Texas. The rain has been non-stop. Before Irene, we had the most rain ever recorded in one month. We were saturated. Then Hurricane Irene. Then some unseasonable wet weather. Then the remnants of Tropical Storm Lee. People, we are WET. Thankfully, our home (and most of the neighborhood) is on high ground. We haven’t had any problems personally other than losing power from Irene. And that was more of a nuisance than anything. But hey, God, if you want to take the rain to Texas, please do so. We won’t mind a bit!

2. My friend, Julie, posted this on Facebook this morning. I’m in love.

The lyrics are here if you want.

3. I’m reading Colossians this week. Huh. Spell check doesn’t like that word! Well, PPPBBBTTT to spell check! Rabbit Hole! So, I’m reading Colossians this week, and reading a college NT bible course textbook with it. I love reading the bible (when I make myself actually SIT and READ), but I also love all the background stuff that it doesn’t tell you–which is why I’m loving this textbook. It’s almost like a sermon without the “here’s how you should change your life” part. It gives the background of the time, the people, the archeology involved. Its’ GREAT. If you want to do something similar, here it is. You can get it on Amazon and probably CBD as well.

4. We had back to school night at the local elementary. I poked Jim a few minutes into it and said “Do you realize this is our 6th one?” Kindergarten seems eons ago. Bennett and Laura are both “kindergarten helpers” even. The years are flying by, People. FLYING BY.

5.Pursuant to #4, I have really enjoyed my first week at home. I always try to get at least a few days to myself once they hit school. Jim’s been home some, and my brother visited (more on that next), but it’s been, by and large, a nice and quiet week. BLISS.

6. Ok, so my brother….he called Tuesday afternoon and says he wants to visit before going back to Florida (he’s a snow bird–summers in Rehoboth Beach, De and everything else West Palm, FL). He’s leaving next Tuesday. He can’t do the weekends. When can he come? Thursday, as I said, was back to school night and Friday is karate, so only Wednesday would work. So he left, turned around to get fudge and candy from the boardwalk for us (nice!), and came up 95. Trying to get off at 202, there was  a big accident. He was stopped completely. Finally got past that. Got to the 30 bypass and whoops! TONS of rain (See #1). They were going 15 mph. Normally 55-70. He finally got off at our exit and drove the 2 miles to our neighborhood. Which he couldn’t get into because of a creek flooding onto the highway (See #1) and it was completely closed off. Jim had him turn around, go back down the road to the previous exit off the highway, pass our exit and then do a U-Turn. He finally got here more than 3 hours after he originally left! Thankfully, he viewed it as an “adventure” and was fine. 🙂

7. We’re leaving for our anniversary getaway in four weeks. Jim’s mom is going to watch the kids Friday afternoon through Sunday afternoon. I cannot WAIT!


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