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The Day Before La La La

Today is Labor Day. I’ve been laboring on laundry all yesterday and today (7 loads and counting and it’s almost all children’s clothes!) and not QUITE counting down, but getting close.

I’m doing all this laundry because tomorrow is one of the best days of the whole year. Almost up there with Christmas, but that’s the Lord’s birth and thusly gets top billing forever. Almost up there with Thanksgiving, but that has pumpkin pie and whipped cream and thusly gets 2nd to top billing. Almost up there with the day I go to the spa and get a massage but that, well, that’s obvious. So, ok, the FOURTH best day of the year.

Because people, THEY ARE ALL GOING TO BE IN SCHOOL TOMORROW! Not just one, like we had in the middle of June. Not just three, like we had last week, BUT EVERYONE.


I know I have completely offended those of you who homeschool and manage to love your children all day long. But Oh My WORD. These past few weeks remind me of why I love those big giant (and also short) yellow buses. Because oh my WORD, does Ethan need STRUCTURE!! By the end of the summer he just can’t handle all this time. He has to yell and bug and hit and annoy. Not just the kids but also Jim and me.

But tomorrow he will be in a “structured environment” for more hours of the day than he’ll be at home. He’ll leave at 7:05 am and get home at 3:30pm. And then we’ll have homework and dinner and a little playtime and it will be time for bed. And there won’t be a whole lot of time leftover for fighting.

Happy Sigh. Peace is good.

Plus, as an added bonus, I’ll be back to my regularly-scheduled blogging. I’ve missed you all. Have you missed me?? šŸ˜€


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