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Almost Ten Years

Tomorrow marks three of my four children’s 10th birthday.


10 years ago I would have woken up in my hospital bed, had the babies monitored, watched a lot of TV, and planned for tomorrow when Jim was going to come down and spend the night. We were trying to reduce the swelling in my legs, which was IMMENSE, by having me lay flat on my back with my legs raised. It helped, and to this day I truly believe laying like that kept the babies in one more day.

10 years ago I had no clue that tomorrow would bring stress, fear, physical pain, awe, and four beautiful babies into the world. Only to have one leave 10 hours later.

Tomorrow I will post my email that went out to friends and family the day I came home from the hospital. Today will be spent cleaning up for the party we are having on Saturday and being a mom to the children that God blessed me with.

10 years. Whoa.


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