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7 Quick Takes Friday


1. So, ok. I think we figured out that I’m not the best blogger in the world when my kids are home full time. How you moms of small children and/or homeschoolers do it and still manage to blog, I don’t know. School starts in a little more than two weeks and then I’m sure we’ll see things pick up.

2. This week I registered at the opening-soon Snap Fitness. If I haven’t said it, I’m completely fed up with how I look. I really, really dislike the extra weight I have put on and I’m ready to do something about it. I’ve been ready for awhile, but there has been no place local I could go and do something about it. This Snap Fitness is literally an answer to prayers. Unspoken, but heartfelt, which God hears regardless! I have three goals–1. 20 lbs. 2. 30 lbs. 3. 40 lbs. That would take me to my wedding weight. I expect to add muscle as well, so the last one might not be possible. But change, HERE I COME.

3. We finally got some rain and are not crunching through our yard. Crunch yards are depressing. I say this lightly, although I realize that there is a severe and serious drought going on down in Texas. Up here in PA things are serious, but not nearly as bad. We are on water restrictions, which are common in summer–no watering your yard etc. No big deal. We have a well, but I don’t know how rain affects that.

4. Ethan finished his extended school year program yesterday. I woke up 50 minutes later than I normally do. I didn’t rush to get up and out of bed. I read for over an hour. What a luxury! 2 1/2 weeks and we’re back to our regularly scheduled life. Only with working out added to the mix! 🙂

5. Jim’s start date was pushed back until Monday. This is officially three months now that we’ve been between contracts. I finally told him today that I’m not really enjoying this “self-employed” thing. I’m trying to be supportive, but my word, I miss him working every day and having a regular paycheck!

6. I was going through Quicken and checking to see what checks had and hadn’t cleared. Oddly, our local taxes one from April never cleared. I called them and WHAT? They never got it! How the USPS messed it up with a preprinted envelope, I have no clue, but yes, I had to redo our taxes and then send them out again. Thankfully there will be no penalty.

7. Nestle Break and Bake Cookies come with a warning not to eat raw cookie dough. Hah. They’ll never know!


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