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7 Quick Takes Friday

1. Halfway done the summer vacation. Usually by now I’m ready for school to start, but I’m really enjoying this year. 5 weeks until BLC start and 6 until E starts. Then I have to line up some clients!

2. I received the following email from the new president of the local mothers-of-multiples club (I used to belong, but stopped when my kids got older):

I was just meeting with the two new VPs of [the club] and we were brainstorming meeting topics for the upcoming year.  Your name came up!  We all agreed that we would love to have you present your home organization services at a membership meeting this year.  We were trying to think of things with interesting people (you) and relevant topics (home organizing) and that could be interactive.  Your business fit the bil!  The date we were looking at is Thursday, October 20th at 8pm.  We thought it would be a good time to motivate members to organize toys and clothes after the sale, organize clothes for the change of seasons, or organize homes in preparation for the holiday season.  We brainstormed a zillion things that would be fun like a Q and A portion where members could ask you about certain challenges within their own home (or I could email you a list ahead of time) or you can demonstrate with household items that you or a member brings in or you can show before and afters, etc.  In order to increase attendance you could even raffle off a free consultation hour or something!  Of course you would be able to hand out business cards and pamphlets to drum up customer business as well as offer to collect email contacts if people wanted to provide them, etc.  We can talk more about any and all ideas, we were just brainstorming and so many things came out of discussing Tidy Tina!  Give it some thought and let me know what you think – talk to you soon!

I gave it some thought and prayer and with great trepidation replied yes. I’m already working on the presentation. I feel a little like a fraud because, although I’ve been in business technically for almost 5 years, for some of those years I’ve only had one or two clients. I’ve had maybe a dozen total over the years–some as small as a closet, but some as large as the whole house. And I’ve never spoken to a group about it. Well, I’m glad I have a few months to prep!

3. Bennett, Laura and Catie have been attending Good News Camp this week–a service of the Childhood Evangelism Fellowship in our county. During the school year they have a club that meets on Thursdays at our school. They LOVE it. They LOVE camp. I love the fact that not only are they playing and having a good time, they are also learning about the Lord.

4. Although, speaking of playing, it’s been somewhat of a quiet week this week. We are in the midst of a record-breaking heat wave. Today is supposed to be 100. I go outside to drop off and pick up the kids, or to go to the store. Otherwise, I’m thankful and stay inside with the A/C.

5. About a month ago I scored three Razor scooters at a yard sale for $7 total. When I saw them, my first thought was that the kids could practice their balance easier than on the bikes. I was right! Bennett and Catie loved them. Laura didn’t like getting hot and sweaty (gee, I wonder where she gets that?!). A few nights ago Catie wanted to try riding her bike again. Jim pushed for a few minutes and then BAM, Catie got it. Bennett didn’t even need pushing, BAM he got it too. Laura came out to practice, but continued to have problems. We encouraged her to try again with the scooter. But can I express how happy we are to FINALLY have kids that ride their bikes?!

6. Two weeks ago Jim had a phone interview for a contract job. It let to a face-to-face interview later that week. Then Tuesday of this week he gets an email about another interview with the project manager. Today he meets the boss of the whole company. Next Monday he meets the customer. We’ve been “between contracts” since about mid-May. We’re doing ok, but I’m definitely ready for him to go back to work. I miss the stability of an every-day kind of job, although I know he’s happier and his blood pressure is lower.

7. Our new next-door neighbors got a puppy last month–a black lab named Pepper. Absolutely adorable and heads for our yard the instant she’s let out. This week they brought home a black kitten named Max. They also have an 11 month old baby. Can I tell you I’m thankful for my older children and older cat family? They are cuter, but ours sleep through the night and don’t poop on the floor!

Don’t forget to hydrate and stay out of the heat!


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