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Summer Cold

This week has been somewhat of a loss for me. Sunday morning I woke up feel rotten. Jim went to church by himself–the kids overslept by a lot–and I went back to bed and slept some more. I spent the rest of the day lying on the couch, drinking tea and/or chicken broth and resting. Monday and Tuesday I felt ok. Not great, but ok. Wednesday was just a repeat of Sunday. I canceled a much-anticipated play date (rescheduled for tomorrow) and spent the day doing nothing. Thursday I dragged myself and the kids to a friend’s pool where I laid in the shade and rested again. Today I feel somewhat better. Tomorrow I’m hopeful for a 90% recovery. My voice comes and goes–my laugh is very Marlene Dietrich right now.

As I posted on facebook, summer colds are just not fair. Everyone expects to get sick in the fall and winter–they even call it “flu and cold season”. But summer is when we should be outside, in the pool, visiting with neighbors and having fun. NOT BEING SICK.

On the “there has got to be a good side to this”, the kids have bugged Jim a lot more than me this week. 😀


One thought on “Summer Cold

  1. Well this was written a few days ago so I hope you are feeling better. Let me know when you want to come for the fish fry!

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