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Quiet Time Conviction

Way back when in January of 2010 I started a personal bible study on 1 Peter, Putting On a Gentle and Quiet Spirit.

Stop laughing. I’m serious.

Yeah, I get the irony. I’m rather the opposite of gentle and quietly spiritual. Which is exactly why I picked it.

Fast forward, um, almost a year and a half. (I’m nothing if not NOT regular.) I Peter 2:21-25. The book I’m doing has you read the passage, answer questions about the passage, and then “Your Heart’s Answer.” Sometimes it’s, well, dull. Not this time.

– We know that Jesus committed no sin. To follow in His steps, what known sins will you eliminate from your life? Pornography. Almost three months and counting, people.

– We know that Jesus spoke no sin. What steps will you take to control your speech? Count to 10 before I yell.

Um, notsomuch. I SCREAMED at Laura this morning. At the top of my lungs. How can one 9 year old make me lose it so quickly?

Both Jim and I agree it’s been much more difficult lately with the kids….they are definitely challenging the boundaries and our patience with things. It’s a constant struggle to keep my temper (and I lose it more quickly with them to begin with).

This Your Heart’s Answer has really been pounding at me all week. Sometimes I’ve done better because of it. Sometimes, like this morning, utter failure.

Tomorrow will hopefully (and prayerfully) be one of those better days. (Unless we’re raptured, and then all will be well anyway) (sorry, I just had to put that out there!)


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