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Jim was in New Hampshire (previously posted as CT, that was incorrect) last Mon, Tues, Wed. This week he drove up Sun afternoon and is coming home very late Thurs. Next week he’ll do the same as this week. So, roughly speaking, we’re halfway through.

We’re managing. Last week was, honestly, fine. We did karate on Monday and Wednesday and managed to fill the time well. This week is a little on the rough side. Friday night Laura broke her left pinky (spell check didn’t recognize pinky!) and then she came down with a nasty cold. Sunday Bennett was climbing a tree and the branch under his feet broke and he was left hanging abruptly, which pulled his pectoral muscle. He’s been in a lot of pain ever since. So two are down. But on the up side, we found out that Bennett can take pills, thank the Good Lord, and even Laura’s finger seems to be better.

We started Catie with karate, which she adores. She’ll get her white belt tonight. She’s by far the littlest one in the class, and is just so CUTE! Mr. PJ calls her “Catie with a C” because there’s also a “Katie with a K”.

Skype is also a Very Good Thing. It’s helping the kids to SEE Daddy, which helps them not to miss him so much. It helps me, too, yeah. Nothing compares to being able to hug and kiss your husband, but seeing is way better than just a voice.

Time to get them off to school! So, I can now say that even though it’s a mixed blessing having Jim traveling for work, I’m able to be thankful for it.


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