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Organizing the Organizer

Let me go on record as saying that if any of my clients ever came over to my house, they’d throw up their hands in disgust and ask why in the world did they hire me?

Just like everyone else in the world, I have the best of intentions. I start out great. But then I have four kids who think there is a cleaning fairy (named Mom apparently). And I myself tend to “pile” wherever I see a flat surface.  And then I work, which gets me behind, which yes, I see the irony of completely.

I just began reading Organized Simplicity, which is off to a great start.  Maybe it’s the spring. Maybe it’s the fact that we are having a yard sale on April 2nd. Maybe it’s just that I’ve had enough and really want to purge/declutter/trash/you name it. I want to GET RID OF STUFF.

As I tell my clients, wanting to do it is really 1/2 the battle. The rest is just getting the time and keeping at it.


One thought on “Organizing the Organizer

  1. Watched Hoarders last night for the first time…it creeped me out bigtime…and gave me the urge to declutter our beach house…everything lying everywhere…hah,hah… 😀

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