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The First Thing to Go

As I said in my last post, this past week was insanely busy. Both Jim and I were out, either singly or together, every day and every night except Thursday evening. Poor Bennett didn’t even get to go to karate until Saturday morning!

Yesterday afternoon (after karate), I started catching up on the house stuff. My kitchen, dining room and living room are finally good. The office? Well, I’m surrounded by piles of paperwork on the floor, but at least I can find my desk. The laundry? That’s this afternoon. My blogs that I follow? Doing that now.

Each morning, when not insanely busy, I check 19 blogs, plus Facebook. Some post first thing in the morning, some post multiple things (, some post around noon (, some post once or twice a month, but I check each first thing anyway. Except this week. I’m very behind! So if I haven’t commented on your blog in awhile, please don’t take it personally….I’m coming!


One thought on “The First Thing to Go

  1. You are a busy blog follower. I check you blog, my friend Shay’s blog and Muncks Quiver…that’s it. I don’t even go on McMama’s blog. Thanks for always leaving comments. Love you!

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