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I sent this email today:

“Pastor, Elder1, Elder2 and Deacon,

I’m coming to you with a difficult thing to say. I feel the need to step down temporarily from my position of deacon. There is an area of sin in my life that makes it such that I feel I am unable to be in leadership, given the biblical requirements. I know that no one is without sin—that none of us are perfect—but this has been controlling me instead of me controlling it. I am committed to getting help, which is why it’s not a permanent step. If you feel the need for details I am willing to provide them, but didn’t feel comfortable doing so as a group.

Please accept my apologies for this.”

I’m going to Celebrate Recovery on Friday evening. Please pray that I find a sponsor. I’ve been wallowing in this. If I’m a deacon I can’t wallow and if I wallow I can’t be a deacon.

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