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7 Quick Takes Friday

1. So if you look carefully, you will see no posts  between LAST Friday’s 7QT’s and today’s 7QT’s. See #1 from last week? That stomach bug? Ethan left school last Thursday and didn’t go back until this Thursday. Bennett left school on Monday and is going back today. Jim has it. Having lots of people around during the day–a time when I am normally quite alone–makes for not much regular stuff happening. I apologize. However, to be fair, not a whole lot happened anyway. Just lots of changing of Ethan’s pullups and being very grateful that Bennett is potty trained and, of course, so is my husband. 😀 As a side note, the boys are 9. Ethan is special needs. Pullups are a part of our lives.

2. Back story: Jim quit his job back on November 5, 2010. He talked to many recruiters. One put him in contact with a consulting firm, who thought he was perfect for a job at one of their clients. The job would start the middle of December. Oh, wait. No, now it’s the beginning of January. Hang on, sorry, no, it will absolutely positively be the beginning of February. Oh, um, sorry, but the job fell through. Yes, folks. 3 months and we are back to square numero uno. He’s doing some “side work” (helping with someone’s computer, painting a kitchen) and is recontacting all those recruiters. Please pray, will you, that he finds a job–any job!–SOON.

3. I visited my local post office the other day and decided to take a look at the bulletin board on my way out.  There are all sorts of things posted there (my business card included). I hit a jackpot–there is a card for uninsured and underinsured (of which I currently am a member) for 24% off prescriptions sponsored by the National Association of Counties. Well, Thank You NACO! I just checked this morning and my local pharmacy, whom I love, accepts the card!

4. Bennett is finally not the last in line at karate. (for those not involved in it, they line up in order of belt color–highest to lowest) There was a new boy there who just tonight tested for his white belt–Bennett will test for his gold belt in two weeks. I’m slightly nervous. Apparently the belt-testing night is two hours long. Yikes! I thought he just did it and we could leave. Nope.

5. May I express to you how lovely it was to be HOME ALONE today? The peace, the quiet, the lack of TV, DS, music, fighting, running around, calling “mom!” etc was, quite simply, DIVINE. I’m very thankful that everyone is back to normal and that the fringe benefit is that everyone goes back to their regularly scheduled life.

6. Tomorrow we are celebrating my MIL’s birthday. It’s a banner one, and no, I’m not rude enough to announce it, but it will be friends and family coming over to her house and bringing appetizers and cake. Should be an excellent time of hanging out and eating great food.

7. I looked out the window today and I could actually see GRASS! We had rain and a few warm days and then back to frigid, but with only 5 weeks left until Spring, oh, I really hope that we’ve seen the last of the snow storms. Winter is my least favorite season, although, I must say that having a mudroom made this winter less annoying than any other year before. And in case you read over that sentence too quickly, I will say it again.

5 weeks until Spring!


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