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7 Quick Takes Friday

1. The stomach bug has finally hit. A lot of my friends on Facebook have been complaining about it, and I’ve been extremely grateful to have missed it thus far. Ethan came down with either the Norovirus or Rotovirus and has to stay out of school until he is completely better–it’s that contagious. He was very snuggly this morning and has been rather pleasant today, so it’s not all that difficult other than lots of pull up changing. And being that the other three don’t play with him much, I’m hopeful that it will stay with him.

2. The forecasters yet again missed the ball. However, at least this time it was in our favor. They were calling for 2-3″ of ice. We got less than one. Whew! It was still one day with a 2 hour delay and another day off school–more due to the lack of electricity. The kids were actually happy to be back at school!

3. I finally gave in and posted on my Facebook that I was looking for clients for my organizing business. I don’t like doing that, because generally speaking I don’t want to read about someone’s business all the time on their FB posts. I got two potential clients out of it. I probably won’t do it again, so if you get my status updates, don’t worry!

4. The women of my church’s new bible study got put off a week due to the above-mentioned ice and snow day. We’re supposed to have more snow and ice this weekend. I wonder if it will affect church on Sunday. One of us has to stay home with Ethan–it would be nice to have it be both of us and to SLEEP IN.

5. May I apologize for the absolute banality of this post? It’s been somewhat of a slow week!

6. I got to help out again at the mobile food pantry on Thursday (was supposed to be Wednesday, but yes, ICE). Many people couldn’t come on Thursday due to the roads and weather, so another volunteer and I delivered some boxes of food. She and I got to talking during the ride and she got so excited when she heard I have a blind child. She knows an Amish family with two blind children who need services. I gave her my number and look forward to helping out! It’s always a blessing when I get to use any of our experiences for the good of someone else.

7. Still no word from Aetna as to whether they will approve my coverage now that I proved to them that I do not have high cholesterol or prediabetes. Ah, the joys of insurance! Those of you who are covered, please don’t take it for granted!


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