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Recovery Bumps

So here’s the deal. I’m a recovering sex addict. If you don’t know that about me, feel free to look at the addiction link on the left and read up. I’m reasonably open about it. I’m also reasonably open about the fact that it stinks.

Recovery is HARD. I’ve been working at it, more or less, for over 16 years now. Some months are better than others. Sometimes the addiction is “on the back burner’ and I forget about it for days at a time. Other times it’s right in my face, reminding me time and time again that I have to make intentional choices about how I handle stress, fear, problems, etc because my default will usually be going on the internet and looking at or reading something completely inappropriate.

I have been looking at attending some sort of group therapy thing called Celebrate Recovery. It’s Christian-based and there are two groups that are local to me. Unfortunately, one meets while I am driving my son home from karate and the other meets while our church has its weekly prayer meeting. With Jim being an elder and me a deacon, there are certain expectations that one of us attend.

I’m committed to my recovery. It’s going to be a lifelong process. I wish that it was something more like alcohol where you just don’t drink. But sex, as a married person, is a part of my life. I have to have it be a healthy part of my life instead of unhealthy and that takes work. I’m somewhat discouraged with just how much work it takes sometimes.

2 thoughts on “Recovery Bumps

  1. Hugs, gal…I have a friend who struggles with food a lot…and it is kind of the same…because you have to eat…but controlling the amounts and what are hard…

    He is with you in it…..

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