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7 Quick Takes Friday

1. I’m typing from amidst a winter wonderland, only notsomuch. Well, ok, to be fair, the snow is very pretty. All 16 inches of it. We got one of the famous “1, 2 punch” varieties of a nor’easter, and got slammed with a 1 1/2 feet of the fluffy stuff. Except it wasn’t fluffy. It was good, wet packing snow and really heavy to lift and get off the cars. It’s snowing right now (up to an inch) and we’re due for another storm on Wednesday.

2. Pursuant to #1, the kids who go to the local schools had one full day of school this week. Ethan had two. Come on, SPRING!

3.Also pursuant to #1, Spring is 51 days away.

4. Some nights I feel somewhat lazy and don’t take my regiment of 8 pills, one of which is Allegra (allergies). Inevitably I wake up with a sinus headache, necessitating taking two Advil. Ironic, no?

5. I have been rereading LaVyrle Spencer’s books. I read her, wow, a long time ago! Like before I got married. She came up in a recommendation “You like Author x, maybe you’ll like LS” and I have to say, although there are some “scenes” that don’t need to be there, she writes very moving stories with very believable characters.

6. I took some time to enter all the birthdays on the 2011 wall calendar I have hanging next to my desk. This year is one of some major milestones–we have three someones turning 10, someone else turning 30, another 65 and my father turns 80. 80! Now THAT’S a milestone! He and my mom have been married 56 years now. Way to go Mom and Dad!

7. Funny conversation from yesterday:

Jim is complaining about having to constantly tell the children to close the door when they go in or out.

Me: Honey, they are just like every other kid in America. Even you left the door open when you were young.

Jim: No I didn’t. I was perfect. Just ask my mom!

Catie: Dad, you aren’t Jesus!

And with that, I’ll leave you and say I hope you are living in a warm, sunshiney place that doesn’t have more than a foot of snow!

P.S. I just saw this on another 7QTF website (Thank you Elizabeth) and wanted to share it with you. I HATE Katy’s version, but the covers of it (like from Glee) are wonderful. I especially like how he changed the chorus to “Let’s spend the night talking, there’s no rush” instead of what Katy had to say. Sorry, Katy, I’ll take the new lyrics instead of your original ones!


2 thoughts on “7 Quick Takes Friday

  1. FIFTY ONE DAYS!! YEAH, I know I can make it now that I have a countdown. Thanks!

    Congrats to your parents!

    7 was funny! Hahaha. Thanks for the plug! I have become officially obsessed with this band now.

  2. 1. I missed all of the shoveling because we were on the cruise. Yeah me! Praise the Lord for my mother and a couple of neighbors who helped!
    3. Hooray Spring. But I have to admit that I do love the snow.
    4. What do you take the other 7 pills for?
    5. I don’t read fiction. I am currently reading a book about raising teenagers. Amanda will be 13 in June!
    6. Congrats double digit triples. And your parents?! Wow.
    7. Hilarious

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