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Weekend Plans and Kids

Subtitle: NONE!

Can I express to you how happy I am that other than a friend of Jim’s coming over today to practice guitar with him and church on Sunday, we have NO PLANS?

Between my community outreach meeting Monday, a funeral and snow Tuesday, karate on Thursday and Friday evenings, I’m ready for a nice, long weekend of nothing.

Oh, and about the karate–Bennett LOVES it and earned his white belt. I know, it’s the lowest belt, but hey, it’s something he earned. He was very proud of himself and that’s a good thing. Next will be gold in about three months or so. So, as of this moment our kids are involved in:

Bennett: Trumpet, Good News Club, Karate

Laura: Piano, Good News Club

Catie: Good News Club, (karate when Jim starts his new job)

Ethan: Chorus (in school)

The trumpet requires getting to school early on every Day 6 (6 day cycle instead of 5 day in our school district). GNC is picking up at school every Thursday afternoon, and karate is taking to class 2x/week. I never thought I would turn into a chauffeur for my kids–so many of my mom-friends are and I figured I would somehow escape that fate because of Ethan. Ha.



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