One thought on “Why Are You Reading This?

  1. Hello,
    I am just finding your posts from back in 08
    Congrats on winning the war on getting your insurance to cover a feeding clinic for your son
    We have a son who is now 3 and has a serious feeding disorder
    Our insurance has denied 2nd stage appeal and has pretty much told us we’re wasting our time going to 3rd stage as they have never approved of an inpatient treatment center like St Joes, Hershey, CHOP or Kennedy Krieger
    His issues have not improved and have only gotten worse
    He also has verbal apraxia and doesnt talk
    WE have called everyone under the sun to try and help us with no success
    Can you tell us how you managed to win your appeal?
    Our Pediatrician and Head of CHOPS feeding team even participated in the Stage 2 appeal and told our insurance if they didnt help our son it may mean a feeding tube and he may end up being a failure to thrive child
    Still no luck
    We’re really worried

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