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Making the Menu

I just finished up writing out my menu for the week. No, there’s nothing earth-shaking on it, which is why I’m going to skip listing it. What I want to talk about is the actual activity of menu planning.

Before 2001, I would go to the grocery store and walk up and down each and every aisle, hoping that something would catch my eye. I would hope that 7 days’ worth of meals would make their way into my cart and often have to make two or three trips within one week. While working full time. It was, to say, LAME.

At some point, I came across Woman’s Day magazine, where they listed a month’s worth of meals with recipes. I used a couple, but the idea of planning out a menu started to catch on with me. I tried their idea–a whole month–but found it to be cumbersome and our lives too changeable. So I started to make it a week at a time. Lo and Behold! It worked! I planned out the meals and what I would need for them, went to the store with a list and plan and had several pleasant side effects: spent less money, spent less time in each aisle, less trips to the store….

I’ve turned numerous people onto this concept–all of whom were just as clueless as I was about the whole idea.

It seems like they should teach a “real world” class in school. I really don’t use algebra a whole lot, but basic meal planning, balancing a checkbook and making a budget? That would have actually been useful in school.


2 thoughts on “Making the Menu

  1. I know this is an old post but every time I think about what I am going to have for dinner, I think of your menu planning. I am sincerely going to try to do this. I also thought the month plan was a little overwhelming.

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