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Windy Wednesday

We’ve got gusts up to 45 mph over here, so I’m just going to blow in and out again.

Hah. Yeah, I know. I’m not the funny one in my marriage, either.

Monday was an annual trip to duPont Hospital for Bennett’s checkup. Tuesday I ended up working 2 hours longer than I expected. Today I help out with the Parkesburg Food Bank and then have the deacon meeting tonight as well as prayer meeting right after it. Good things, all of them. But keeping me busy and out of the house when I desperately need to stay home and clean and get laundry done.

I’m “just saying no” to going out either Thursday or Friday. My house is getting cluttered and messy again and that’s just not ok with me. Or Jim.

He has  a phone interview in 18 minutes. I’m slightly on pins and needles right now. If you by chance should feel the desire to pray, it would be very much welcome.

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