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In Which the Past Comes Back to Bite Me

Friday I was looking at the PA Megan’s Law website (I try to keep those faces familiar) and saw again someone that I went to high school with. He was friend of one of my boyfriend’s (I even had a slight crush on him–he was a “bad boy”). I posted this on Facebook and started in on a “conversation’ that went back and forth with a few people for 50 some-odd posts. It ranged far and wide and strayed well away from the original post. One of my kindergarten-to-senior year friends posted about something I had done in 2nd grade. Apparently, I leaned across the cafeteria table and kissed him. (I don’t remember that particular act, but the kissee apparently did!).

My mother thought I was boy crazy. I guess I was for awhile, for what reason I don’t know. I look through the lens of maturity and motherhood and cannot imagine one of my girls doing the same thing. They are innocent in a way that I really never was.

I was overly sexualized due to very early exposure to hard-core pornography. You can read about it here if you want, but what I wanted to say about it specifically is that I’m so glad I’m raising my kids as innocent, protected and unaware. They know about sex (we’ve had “the talk” with two of the triplets), so it’s not like we’re keeping them in the dark about the facts of life. But they are introduced to it at an age-appropriate way. They are having the childhood that I never got to; they are learning about sex in a way that I never got to (a good and Godly way!).

I know there are people out there who support pornography, who think it is not only ok but a good thing. They’re wrong. It hurts the women who are in it, it hurts the men and women who look at it. It hurts the spouses of the husbands and wives who look at it and can’t compare to it’s perfection.  It hurts the children who stumble upon it and are thrust into something they are not ready for.

Pornography ruins lives.


One thought on “In Which the Past Comes Back to Bite Me

  1. I remember seeing things at an age that horrifies me to think that my children would see. I was watching General Hospital and Days of our Lives. I knew all about sex and I wasn’t even out of elementary school. I saw movies that I deem inappropriate. I remember looking at a magazine at the local drug store. It was X-rated. I didn’t know it. It took me a couple of minutes to realize it was a woman naked from the waist down. I was shocked at first but then tempted to look again and again.
    I know Amanda has seen things that she shouldn’t. How could anyone think that it would be ok?

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