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7 Quick Takes Friday

1. My friends Kate and Charlie, are back on American soil and hopefully sleeping a LONG time. Their beautiful girls, Bethany and Hannah, are with them. It was a LONG journey, and amazing to follow along in prayer even if massively long distance. I can’t imagine how people did this kind of thing before the internet!

2. Can I gripe for a short moment about people who have black-faced and white-print blogs? It drives my eyes nuts. I read one right before typing here and the print is still burned into my retinas. If you have one, Please, for the love of people’s eyesight, CHANGE IT!

3. If my head were not physically attached to my body, I promise that I would have left it somewhere else years ago! Case in point…I put four eggs on to make into hard boiled eggs. I didn’t set the timer because the water wasn’t boiling yet, but no big deal, I’d be in the room.  Ooh! A Shiny Thing! I think I’ll go down into the basement and practice my worship set!

Who knows how many minutes later I come upstairs and sit down at my computer to type two songs into Power Point. I’m hearing what I think is the rattling of my washer and dryer running. I hear that noise several times. Finally I get up and LIGHTBULB MOMENT! I run into the kitchen and turn off the pot (much water had boiled away) and started running the cold water to cool them down.

What I want to know is, if I’m like this at 41, what in the world am I going to be like in my 60’s??

4.  I sometimes forget how extreme stress hits my body. Some people stop eating. Some people overeat. I throw up. I was incredibly nauseous and wanted to throw up the whole day that we buried our son, Connor. I wanted to throw up the day that Ethan and I went up to Hershey. I’m not trying to be obscure, but something big is up here in our family (no, I’m not pregnant!) and I ended up throwing up last night. I’ll let you all in when I’m able to. In the meantime, please just pray for us.

5. Switching gears, I’m already planning for Thanksgiving. I’m hosting Jim’s family and possibly part of mine. I’m not fond of hosting, but when one lives near both families, one ends up doing it from time to time.

6. There are two shopping centers near me. One is the WalMart/Home Depot shopping center. One used to be the Charlie’s Thriftway, but it couldn’t compete (bad prices, bad service, not a great store etc) and went out of business about 8 years ago. The store has been empty for all those years. Very sad to drive by. Finally something is moving in! Bottom Dollar Food, which is a subsidiary of Food Lion, is coming by Christmas. It’s a discount grocery store, which in this economy is VERY welcome! We just got a flier for it and I’m going to their website to check them out.

7. I’m meeting with Ethan’s new Mobile Therapist (MT) today (that’s someone who comes into the house as opposed to a Therapeutic Support Staff–TSS–who goes into the school). We have been without one since the beginning of September. Our first one was very nice, but didn’t have a lot of background with autistic kids. The MT is supposed to work one-on-one with Ethan to help him find better ways of expressing himself than hitting or kicking. We’ll see.

10 weeks until Christmas, people! Home Depot is already decorated and ready!




One thought on “7 Quick Takes Friday

  1. Re eggs: well, at least you know they were good and hard boiled. 🙂

    Re stress: I will pray for you.

    I’m always glad to find other mothers of kids w/special needs blogging!

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