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A First

Ethan is blind. For any of you who may have missed this, I want to make that clear. 100%, pure, unadulterated BLIND. Not vision impaired. My son cannot see a blessed thing.

Also, he looks like it. He has, for the past 8 or so years, pushed his eye balls back into his head. It’s gross and I hate it. We tell him ALL THE TIME “Ethan! Stop Pressing Your Eyes!”. So far it hasn’t worked much. Here’s a current pic of him:

See??? He LOOKS blind!

With that background, let me proceed with my story. We were in WalMart today doing our weekly grocery shopping. Ethan was off for Columbus Day, so he came with me. It was fine, until we hit the bread aisle. We were heading west and a woman and her husband were heading east. This woman walked up to Ethan, all but yelling, “Can you see? Can you see?” in a very strange tone. He had no clue she was talking to him, he was just walking towards the rolls like I told him to. I looked at her and said “No, he can’t”. She stopped and looked at me, ” I thought he was pretending!”  “No, he wasn’t. He’s blind.” and I walked away and got the rolls.

I’m guessing she thought she was funny. I don’t know. I found it extremely rude and I was just dumbfounded for the next three or four hours. In all my travels and interactions with the public, no one has ever said anything to Ethan like that. There have been the inevitable questions to me “can he see?” or the outright looks that children give him before they figure out that yeah, something’s different.

I know I’m probably blowing this out of proportion, but man, it really took me by surprise!


2 thoughts on “A First

  1. In response to your comments:
    it’s wordpress, not worldpress. 🙂

    I’ll change that. Sorry.

    How have you been married three times to DH?

    What does DH mean? Married in 1996, blessed in the Catholic Church in 1998 to be godparents and renewed our vows in 2006.

    What did you major in? Art Education because I couldn’t think of anything that I really wanted to do. I didn’t really want to do that, as you can see.

    5 HOLES IN YOUR EARS?? Good heavens! OUCH!
    Not too bad. I had them pierced as a young teen. Then again probably in high school. Then had a third in my left ear when I was just out of college. Those are my only piercings. But I prefer piercings to tattoos.

  2. Now, in response to your post…Ethan is adorable. That smile lights up the room. And people are just rude. It would take me a couple of hours to get over it also. Again, people are just rude!

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