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7 Quick Takes Friday

Second week of October is in the can–only 11 weeks until Christmas (You know I love freaking you out like this every year!)

1. Pursuant to the above, yes, I will admit that I have, indeed, started a little Christmas shopping. If I see something the kids will love at a great price, I buy it!

2. After the Noah-like deluge of last week where we got 11″ of rain in two days, I am extremely grateful for the blue skies, sunshine and gentle breeze we are enjoying today and tomorrow. It inspired me to sing “For the Beauty of the Earth” in the van today. Remember that hymn?

3. Yesterday Jim and I celebrated our 15th wedding anniversary. Well, ok, it was the actually anniversary, but we won’t be celebrating until tomorrow. We’re going out for the day and having dinner out by ourselves while Nana watches the kids. Free babysitting ROCKS. So does having 15 years of marriage under our collective belts. We’re doing the work and making it, people!

4. I worked again this week and have another day in a few weeks. Jim has said he would be happy if I work 8 hours  per month. That’s $200 at my current rate. I did it in Sept and will apparently make it for October. 😀 If I could find more work, I’d probably work more, but I’m happy regardless.

5. A while back, I grumbled about having an effect on my world. This week I finally am taking steps to do something in the community in which I live. There is a group comprised of the area churches (all different denominations, including Catholic), that reaches out to people in need: clothing, food, services, furniture, you name it, they can probably help you with it. The person who was our church’s liaison stepped down and I’m stepping up. Overwhelmed and a little out of my comfort zone, YOU BET. Happy to be finally where I think I belong? YOU BET!

6. With the fall FINALLY upon us, I am gearing up for the one time a year that I like to bake. I have a can of pumpkin in my pantry and I’m not afraid to use it! 😀 Now it’s just finding a recipe with which to use it (it’s so hard not to end a sentence with a preposition! It’s how we talk and I want to write the same way!). I’m thinking pumpkin bread first. After that, maybe some pumpkin mousse?

7. With hiring a new pastor, he is asking the elder board to pray and fast one day per week. I have never fasted from food, other than when I was sick or pregnant and nauseous. I’m not an elder and it’s not a requirement, but I’m doing research about it. I have blood sugar issues and have been very leery to even try it–this week I supported Jim by “fasting” from my computer for a day (which, considering how often I’m on here, was quite difficult!). I’m researching the whole concept (why, how, etc) right now and will see what happens next week.

Peace out, People!


One thought on “7 Quick Takes Friday

  1. Happy Anniversary. It’s tough but worth it all the way. My latest post was about The Love Dare. You can see that I am already on Day 10. We are waiting for call backs for a marriage councilor. I am praying that God leads us to the correct one, of course, it would be nice if he/she was a believer.

    Weight Watchers has a yummy pumpkin recipe, pie and cookies. I’ll have to find it and post it.

    Thanks for you encouragement. Love you. T

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