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Just got home from Overbrook’s Parents Day. I didn’t go to the “meeting time” and tours (this is my 7th parents day!) but instead went and saw Ethan in the pool and then went back to his classroom for a spelling test and then onto lunch. I got a good chance to talk to his teacher.

Background: Ethan repeated a year in Overbrook’s preschool program, which we called kindergarten. Since his brother and sister are in 4th grade, we say he’s in 4th as well.

At lunch Miss Peggy (Ethan’s teacher) and I were talking about Ethan and his abilities. She thinks he needs to go to their middle school program next year (effectively skipping 5th grade) because she doesn’t want him “pulled down” by the other kids. When I literally gaped at her, she said “What you don’t understand is that there is no other kid like Ethan in the elementary program!”



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