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7 Quick Takes Friday

Amazingly, this is my 50th 7 Quick Takes Friday. I rather surprised–for someone not that great with sticking with something, I’ve stuck with this.

1. Speaking of sticking with something, I want to send out a Happy Anniversary to 2 very special couples. My sister and brother in law, who have been married for 22 years and my parents, who are celebrating 56!

2. My online friend, Kate, is actually over in the Ukraine right now, has met her two daughters-to-be, and is just killing me with her stories. I will probably never meet her or her children this side of heaven, but it is such a blessing to follow their story.

3. Yesterday morning I had a friend over for tea and apple crisp. We talked for over four hours. It was SO AMAZING to do that–no children, no housework, even no husbands. Just the two of us sharing, laughing, commiserating, you name it. Women friendships are such a blessing.

4. Two days ago I took every scrap of paper and junk off my desk and went through it. It took the better part of the day. I’m left with a small pile to file (after I finish posting this!) and about a dozen things on my “to do” list. My desk looks terrific and it’s so much nicer to work here instead of surrounded by crap, er…stuff.

5. Bennett’s BSC (behavioral specialist something–consultant?) came over yesterday to talk to him. I left the room to give them some privacy. They covered a lot of topics, but narrowed in on bullying. Apparently, without saying anything to anyone, he’s being bullied on the bus (e.g. punched in the stomach)! Thankfully he told her and she encouraged him to tell me. I called the bus company and told them I wanted his assigned seat changed. Mr. Bully can have the the back seat all to himself. It’s so hard having a child with a target on his back. We’re seriously considering having him take karate (or something like it). I have a call into a friend to find out where she goes with her kids. I don’t want him to go through life being bullied when he can learn to stand up for himself.

6. On a lighter note, having recently had them, I’ve decided I don’t like cupcakes. I want muffins. Muffins are dense, full of flavor, delicious, and have DEPTH. Cupcakes, OTOH, are fluffy and light. I know this is not a Bad Thing to some, but people, I just want a muffin. One more nail in the cake coffin. Honestly, if I never had cake again–with the SOLE possible exception being spice cake (although I’ll bet I could make spice muffins that had some oomf to them–it would not bother me at all. Now PIE, that’s a different story!

7. Did you know that both Barnes and Noble and Amazon have free e-book downloads? Yup. Amazon has a gazillion “classics” for free. I downloaded most of Jane Austen’s, having never actually READ one of them, although the movies are great. Amazon you just search Free Kindle and B&N I think you have to do a bit more work with free e-book and then search a little. Happy Reading!


2 thoughts on “7 Quick Takes Friday

  1. hmmm…cupcakes vs. muffins…BOTH…but the cupcake has to have a lot of wonderful frosting, not the whipped topping variety but the staid and true dense, oh-so-sweet frosting…

    but what puts both of these to shame..the scone!

    I make a homemade scone that is just this side of heave…chocolate chip hazelnut…and I also made a bacon, apple and cheese scone that is pretty marvelous….

    I concur…girlfriends are amazing…

    I didn’t know about the free books, thanks for sharing!!!!

    Last thought…how does paperwork multiply in drawers…I swear some kind of propagation or reproduction is going on?!???!? And items in my desk drawers, what is up with that?


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