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Being In Love

Bennett has fallen in love. Before you say “Awww”, let me assure you it’s not some cute, little 9 year old girl in pigtails. It’s his mother.

Yes, Me.

If I’m in a room, he’s there. If I’m sitting down, he’s leaning over to kiss me and hug me and climb on me. If I’m standing up, he’s hugging me.

Which is sweet. The first few times. After that, not so much. And trust me, although on the BMI scale he’s low in percentages, he’s still NINE and therefore not a little baby or toddler. He’s big and bony and heavy.

I know this stage will end. And I’m of two minds with that. 1. Relief. 2. Awwww. Because I also know that in just a few, short years I will be low man on the totem pole in terms of favorite people. So I think I’m going to try to savor this a little.


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