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7 Quick Takes Friday

1. Fall is coming! We’ve finally hit the 70’s during the day and the kids are wearing pants instead of shorts to school. This has been both a good and a challenging week. Good because I worked, the kids were all in school, homework was done. Challenging because of #2

2. One of my children (and thankfully, it’s only one), is really being disrespectful and smart-mouthed lately. At parent’s night last night, I described it to their teacher as “when they know everything [this child is very smart], they think they know everything”. The teacher nodded in agreement. Thankfully, most of the other children are being rather ok, so we can focus on this one. I’ve threatened using the “Ralphie treatment” (from A Christmas Story). If this child smart-mouths again, they will get their mouth washed out with soap. We’ll see if it helps.

3. I worked 2 days this past week and had a good time both times. Each time I work I’m reminded of just how much I like doing my job. I’m going back within a few weeks after the mom does a bit more unpacking.

4. We’re having the Dreaded Birthday Party tomorrow. I know there are some moms out there who love and adore celebrating their children’s births with lots of pomp, circumstance and confetti. I, dear readers, am not one of them. I despair of entertaining other people’s children for 2 hours. I dread those moments of “well, what do we do now?”, and the coming up of ideas of things for them to do. It makes me want to call up Chuck E. Cheese and beg for their help. Except I’m too cheap for that. So we do water balloons and Frisbee golf and hope for the best.

5. Some skunk did something last night. I don’t know if she/he just walked by my window or he/she sprayed some poor animal, but MAN, did my room stink! I kept dreaming about it and waking up smelling it. Even the inside of my van (whose windows were closed) smells. I’m hoping the windy day we are having will help it to dissipate, because otherwise I’m going to sleep with the windows closed tonight!

6. I just steam cleaned my kitchen floor and was reminded again how much I love my steamer. Definitely worth the investment. The results of hands-and-knees scrubbing with the effort of mopping. WooHoo! šŸ˜€

7. Kate and Charley leave tomorrow morning for the journey of a lifetime to pick up the two girls they are adopting from the Ukraine. If you are of a praying sort, please pray for them and their family.


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