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7 Quick Takes Friday

1. It’s the first week of school for Bennett, Laura and Catie (Ethan starts next week). It’s been LOVELY , but also very busy. I’ve been catching up on a lot of stuff, especially house cleaning and errands–Oh, the ERRANDS! Monday Ethan and I did six and yesterday was two. Today we’re staying HOME and I’m stripping beds and doing lots of laundry. Oh, and apparently I’m blogging as well. 😉

2. I wish wordpress had better emoticons. Anyone have suggestions about them? I like using them but end up with sideways smilies instead. EDITED: Um, nevermind. When I previewed this post wordpress changed my sideways smilies to emoticons. Who knew?! 😀

3. On the good news front, Ethan’s time at Hershey was well spent. Seriously. Well. Spent. Firstly, he’s potty training! WooHoo! He’s still at the “tell him to go” stage (and may never get out of it due to his issues), but I’m thrilled he goes. Secondly, he’s chewing! Now, we’re not talking steak and potatoes, but cut up pieces of things, YES. Breakfast is dry cereal (12 pieces) and PediaSure. Lunch is 1/4 of a sandwich cut up into four pieces, probably four pieces of either banana or some other fruit and four pieces of cookie or something else and PediaSure.  Snack is 12 pieces of goldfish or crackers and PediaSure. Dinner is 12 pieces of whatever we’re having and PediaSure, which is AMAZING. And even more amazing, he likes EVERYTHING. Let me say that again.


Can I express to you how incredible it is to make something and not have him complain about anything, including vegetables? He LOVES, ADORES and EXCITEDLY EATS vegetables!

For a mother of three very-picky-in-different-ways children, Ethan is a miracle to me.

4. I’m trying to plan the kids’ 9th birthday party next Saturday and am struggling. First I came up with the great idea of a pool party. Easy Peasy, right? Well, it’s going down into the 70’s next week. Not so warm for the pool. I figure I’ll replace it with water balloons, but that’s all I’ve got so far. I STINK at this stuff. I can organize anything, but party planning is so NOT my forte!

5. Speaking of organizing, I have a call into the potential client. I emailed her my schedule (which is pretty open right now) and told her I would call her to set things up. I’m beyond excited to work again. Things are a little tight around here with back-to-school, the birthday and construction, but we’ll manage. We always do.

6. Speaking of construction, it’s been done for almost a month now and I can’t imagine the yard before we had it done anymore. Let me see if I can do before and after–I still struggle with this photo stuff!



7. Tonight Jim and I are going out with friends to a concert at a winery. I’m really looking forward to the time out with adults. Usually when we hang out with this group of people (it’s five families), it’s 20 kids, ranging in age from 14 down to 1 1/2. While we get to visit and hang out, there’s upwards of 20 kids to watch and take care of. Tonight it’s just us, food, and some hopefully great music. I’m not much of a drinker, so I don’t really care about the winery-aspect of it.

While I’ll be griping about it in a few months, I’m sure, it’s nice to get back onto a schedule again!


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