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It’s Monday and There’s Hammering

I knew going into this construction thing that it would get VERY old before we were through. Parking down at the bottom of the driveway (we live on a fairly steep hill), walking groceries up that hill, using only the front door instead the kitchen one, the dust and the noise….anyone who has gone through this process is nodding their heads in complete agreement.

What I hadn’t counted on was the feeling of not being alone. It’s not as though the guys are peeking in the windows or bugging us. They are doing their work and keeping to themselves. But they are still in and around our home. The kids have to be dressed every morning before they come downstairs (which they complain about!). I’m always dressed, so this is not an issue, but we have a towel draped over our bathroom window so they can’t see in (the foliage is thick enough that neighbors can’t see in).

We think they will be finished this week. Jim and I are going to come up with our own little punch list and make sure that their list agrees with it. We’re just so ready for this to be FINISHED!


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